Social Media Tips

Social media is the new medium for latest news around the globe, to fresh celebrity gossips and beefs and a great new way for business to promote their services, brands, merchandize etc.

It may seem tough to use social media for growing your business, hunt for leads and build a reputation of your brand online but it can be very simple if you are fine tuned with social media ways, tricks and tools that are now widely available and our simply at our disposal.

Social media in this age and era has the power to make or break your business. One wrong move by you can spread like fire on social media platforms, demolishing the very basis your entire reputation is standing on. Online Shopping has been taking up Pakistani Social media like a storm and more and more people are dwelling in it for best deals and sales. If your business deals in online shopping, you can take the most advantage from social media marketing.  

Once you know how to work your way around these platforms you may very well become the most popular and successful brand on the internet.

Whether you are just starting or have your accounts properly set up with a good amount of audience, you can still utilize these tips for your own good and improve if not become utterly successful.

Utilize a Social Media Management Tool

When dealing with a medium to large brand, company or business it is a waste of energy to handle all social media platforms separately, it only drains you and wastes your energy. What you can do is use a social media management tool like Social Champ and schedule and post your content on all platforms, track progress, engagement and reach.

What better way of utilizing your time, energy and efforts in the right way then managing your all your social media feed on a single dashboard. Effective, smart and optimized.

Image Post Will Work More

These days’ people are more driven towards great quality images than paragraphs of content. You will get more engagement by posting creative, informative and quality images as humans are naturally more responsive towards captivating pictures than text.

You will do great with pictures on all social media tools, most re-tweets are awarded to great pictures and the power of images on the internet can be determined through instagram and Pinterest’s success in these times. People are creating careers out of  posting good quality image content, even video content on these platforms.

Your brand can do wonders on Instagram and Pinterest if you take the right approaches in promoting your brand through great images.

To get your beginner level image skills started we can suggest Canva to you.  You can use this great platform for creating social media friendly images and even create an entire team there. Canva allows you to share your work with your teammates and collectively work on projects.

They have built in templates for you to play around with and add your own creativity.

Post Consistently

There are no breaks in digital marketing, since it is online and there is a large amount of content that is being generated every second on people’s feeds for them to consume and react to. So you need to be consistent with your postings as your content might get unnoticed when scrolling through a massive pile of social media content. And we get to the other point we earlier discussed is since your audience’s attention span is that of a gold fish you should consider captivating pictures to get their attention or steal if you must from your competitors content.