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Hebei Jin Ao Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd.

Hebei Jin Ao Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd.

Hebei Jin Ao Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd.

Workout Equipment Manufacturers

Hebei JinAo Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of high quality commercial Workout Equipment who has served thousands of fitness institutions, including commercial gym, private club,enterprises gym, star-rated hotels, hospitals health center, banks fitness room, military fitness venues and colleges fitness venues, etc., and have always maintained good cooperation with some fitness chain institutions for a long time.


Workout Equipment Manufacturers


     For more than ten years, the company has been committed to becoming a high-quality professional commercial fitness equipment manufacturer and provider. We not only produce the products, OEM business and customized products are becoming our main business. What's more, we own the complete supply chain. Production and delivery can be guaranteed.The company knows that quality is the life, if there was no the strict quality guarantee, then everything else was castle in the air. Therefore, the company's products are specially responsible from design, raw material purchasing, manufacturing, inspection, packaging, and logistics in order to ensure that customers can receive high-quality products in time, enjoy thoughtful and considerate services. Be honest and sincere to serve customers, strict and rigorous to ensure quality" is our corporate culture.

About Us



       More than ten years of experience in serving fitness industry has made us become one-stop professional gym provider who can have the deeper understanding in customer demand. The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "Focus on customer need, devoted to product quality", accurately grasping customer demand, and offering reasonable prices and thoughtful service, providing suitable products and complete solutions.


      About Us


       The company's products and services not only get high reputation in China, but also exported to the United States, Canada,Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Chile, Thailand and so on.


   About Us


  What do We want as supplier?

  We hope we can become an indispensable part of the customer's whole supply chain for long term,even for ever.


  What do we hope the wholesalers get from our products?

  Sincerely hope our wholesaler can keep longer cooperation with their customers and get more new markets by selling our products


  What do we hope the users get from our products?

  Love fitness more,enjoy fitness more and become a lifelong habit by using our product.


 About Us


    What do we offer?

1. Exclusive product customization services, we can produce the customized products according to your request, this is our most important and leading business. The product we exclusively design for you, we will not offer them to other customers in your country.

2. High-end commercial and light-commercial fitness equipment with wholesale price.

3. Reasonably recommend product series, and design the whole solution according to customer needs. 

    We have our own design team,we can design products according to customer demand and idea, and we can also carry out equipment configuration, fitness place planning, space layout, offering CAD, 3D design and so on.

4. Competitive prices. 

   We will offer the most reasonable prices to ensure our wholesalers get better profit.

 About Us


 What is our advantage?

1. The core parts (steel wires, pulleys, bearings) are mostly imported from Germany and Japan.

2. Many accessories are produced by self-developed molds (such as pipe plugs, guard board, etc.), which are not common to other factories.

3. The spray powder used in the product belongs to the first-class material. And we have complete and advanced spray production line.

4. The product workmanship is the best in China, Customers can compare our products wrokmanship with others

5. We are honest and credible , the products sent to customers are consistent with the pictures. The company guarantees that all product pictures displayed to customers are real product pictures from customer cases,assembly workshops or exhibition hall. All product pictures can send original big picture to customers

6. More than ten years market experience and production experience in the Chinese fitness industry

7. A complete production, design team, and supply system meets the requirements of different customers for products.

8. Some products are always kept in stock and shipped quickly.

9. Rich export experience to serve our customers efficiently




Contact Information:


E-mail: sales@jagymequipment.com

Tel.: +86 311 6750 5771

Fax: +86 311 6750 5771

Mod.: +86 177 3606 2629

Whatsapp: 0086-17736062629

Address: Nanpi county,Cang Zhou City, Hebei Province, China.

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